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Free Courses for
Sikh Kids

Multimedia Fast Track Teaching


WARNING!! Life Changing Experience

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If you ever wondered how it would be like going back in time and  having a seamless view of the teachings of Sikh gurus and their sacrifices, but you also dont have time for are at the right place. GGSSC Canada has designed the perfect experience. Imagine if you can attend one event on Friday, Saturday & Sunday only evenings for 3 hours and experience the life journey of Guru Nanakji, or Guru Gobind Singhji or Ten Sikh Gurus, or the Great Gursikhs, or The Gursikhs who laid down their lives between 1500s and 1900s by making Selfless Sacrifices,or the Sikh Bhagats, or the Beginning, Rise and Fall of Maharaja Ranjit Singh's Khalsa Raj. We have over 11 different modules we conduct these events on and they are called GURMAT CRASH COURSES. They are precise, non boring, and succinct to reflect history as a practical demonstration of the teachings as enshrined in Dhan Guru Granth Sahibji. To get a FREE  GURMAT CRASH COURSE in your Sikh Gurdwara please call or WhatsApp Binder Kaur @ 15195017793

We offer 10 different courses, all free of charge for Sikh children in Canada. Our courses are personalized to fit the unique needs and preferences of our target audience, mainly Sikh Teens. Browse through our comprehensive range of courses below to learn more about what we can do for you-


  1. Selfless Sacrifices Part 1- The tradition of Martyrdom covering the rich sikh history from Guri Arjanji to Bhai Taru Singhji

  2. Selfless Sacrifices Part 2- The continued saga of sacrifices from Bhai Taru Singhji to Baba Deep Singhji

  3. Dus Guru Sahibaan Part 1- This fast track course takes our audience back in time covering the times of first fuve Sikh Gurus.

  4. Dus Guru Sahibaan Part 2- This course continues the rich learnings from the life spans of last 5 Sikh Gurus.

  5. The Great Gursikhs- This course illuminates the characteristics displayed by puratan Gursikhs who were living and serving alongside our 10 Sikh Gurus.

  6. Sikh Bhagats Part 1- Shedding light on the teachings of 8 Sikh Bhagats as enshrined in Dhan Guru Granth Sahibji.

  7. Sikh Bhagats Part 2- Inspiring the path to Waheguru with the learnings from the remaining 7 Bhagat Sahibaans included in Dhan Guru Granth Sahibji

  8. Life Sketch- Guru Nanak Paatshahji- A complete walk through the life and teachings of Guru Nanakji

  9. Life Sketch- Dashmesh Paatshah- A complete walk through the life and teachings of Guru Gobind Singhji

  10. Life Sketch- Guru Hargobind Sahibji- A complete walk through the life and teachings of Guru Hargobind Patshaahji

  11. The Beginning, Rise and Fall of the Khalsa Sarkaar - A chronology on Sikh History extending from Baba Deep Singhji, Sikh Misls, Maharaja Ranjit Singh's Khalsa Raj, Its downfall and Saka Nankana.

Kids Do Not Want To Go Home!!

Please watch the video and decide for yourself..

These kids have been learning from 5:45PM and the time is 10:00PM

They don't want to go home.

Get this magical experience in your local Gurdwara- Call Binder Kaur at 5195017793

Multimedia Fast Track Teaching

Our courses utilize Multimedia Fast Track Teaching to help children learn our great Sikh Heritage. This engages our Sikh Teens in the same way the movies do.

Sikh History is delivered using state-of-the art presentation skills and with very engaging speakers.


How much does it cost?

Its FREE for sangat!

But however, the Gurdwara needs to provide langar,Audio- Video equipment rental, prizes and gifts for the kids. Our Sevadaars take vacations to deliver this free . If the location is far off you can add Air Ticket Expense for the presenter team and will have to manage their stay at a local Gursikh's place.


We have a plethora other activities which we organize periodically depending on sevadaars' availability and initiatives. If you wish to join hands with us in shaping the future of Sikh Panth by education the youth and teens with the teachings in Guru Granth Sahibji .. we want to hear from you!

  • Weekly Kirtan 

  • Nagar Kirtan Participations

  • Sikh Talent Shows- SuperSikh

  • Interfaith Group Representation

  • Dastaar Tying workshops

  • Sehaj Paath Groups

  • One on One Counselling

  • Youth Q & A s

  • Sikh Parenting Workshops

  • Sevadaar Gurmat Picnics

  • Domestic Violence Workshops

  • International Youth Wing

  • Canadian Youth Wing

  • Online Crash Courses

  • Baal Kavi Darbaars

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